ITPD ECDE Teacher Trainers Jobs Vacancies in Naiorbi Kenya Today July 2013

Quality teachers are the single greatest determinant of children achievement. Teacher’s education, ability, and experience account for more variation in children achievement than all other factors. Teacher Professional Development is a means to enhancing educational effectiveness.
Teachers today are under growing pressure to perform. But most new teachers are not adequately prepared to meet the needs of their students/children and many experienced teachers have yet to adapt to new standards.
Just like practitioners in other professions, teachers need to deepen their knowledge and improve their skills over the course of their careers.
Unfortunately, the need for quality, professional development for those in the teaching profession all too often goes unmet.
About The Institute of Teachers Professional Development (ITPD)
The Institute of Teachers Professional Development, registered by the Ministry of Education, is a teachers training college (based in Karen and established by an NGO) that is revolutionizing pre-school teacher education across Nairobi and Kenya with a truly unique training model and instructional program towards achievement of vision 2030.
The institute has launched a large-scale, low-cost, Early Childhood Education courses for pre-schools and primary school teachers in Nairobi, and will expand across Kenya.
Our institute delivers  high-quality teacher education for as low as Kshs 45,000 for a 2-year Diploma Course per teacher. Both 8-4-4 and international education system school teachers are able to acquire their certificate and diploma while still working in their school.
To ensure the delivery of high quality education, The Institute of Teachers Professional Development prepares its training notes and materials using the Kenya Institute of Education (KIE) syllabus and prepares teachers for the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) certification.
We have already launched the program in the first 30 schools in our network in Kajiado North and Nairobi with tremendous success, and plan to rapidly scale the program to serve more than 2000 teachers in Nairobi.
About the ECDE Program
The Institute of Teachers Professional Development has developed an Edition of an extremely detailed and rigorous instructional materials to enable the teachers from local and international schools to be extremely effective during their study, supervised by a team of trained and highly experienced ECDE lecturers who implement a personalized course support and supervision system, monitored and inspected by a field-based operations team from head office.
Critical elements of the ITPD instructional approach include:
  • An  ECDE curriculum (unit by unit, research oriented) based on the national syllabus
  • a continuous assessment activities, known as assignments embedded in the training manuals that are obtained at the beginning of each unit.
  • A highly individualized support program to ensure that teacher trainees do not fall behind their study schedule.
Teacher Trainers
We are seeking ECDE trainers to work during the school holidays to enrich our teacher training model. You will be responsible for developing and researching teachers training materials, including teacher training, detailed lesson plans, student exercises, and student assessments.
You will be responsible for ensuring that the approach ITPD uses delivers a high-quality pre-school teacher education to school teachers in Nairobi and its environs.
About the Teacher Trainer
  • You must be innovative and have the ability to create and identify relevant teachers’ professional development courses and coordinate such training.
  • You should be an excellent writer, especially in English.
  • You are comfortable receiving feedback and making continuous revisions to ensure the best possible training materials.
  • You should meet every deadline without fail.
  • You have a minimum of 3 years of experience as a teacher trainer.
  • You have a minimum of 3 years of experience writing training/instructional materials. (added advantage)
  • You are ready to do field work, visit schools and hit teacher recruitment targets.
  • Have a Bachelors or Masters degree in Early Childhood Education
ITPD team is passionate that pre-primary education is central to the development of every child, and consequently the nation.
We believe that it is possible to address this critical need for schools through new and innovative approaches influencing the education sector, and that by providing low-cost but high-quality pre-school teacher education, we will give thousands of children the opportunity to reach their full potential in life.
We are looking for individuals who want to join our team in this worthwhile task.
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